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Committed to providing a memorable experience, Duchess of Cameron is the finest purveyor of Bespoke Cakes and Cards. Founded in 2013 in New York City by sisters Grey (Grace) and Jen Pak, Duchess of Cameron showcases innovative and versatile design personalized for every client and event. Executing artistic ideas from a concoction of cross-cultural mediums, each stationery and invitation item is designed in-house and letterpress-printed on the finest 100% cotton paper while every cake

is created to become the showstopper centerpiece at your event. Grey believes a day is lived and remembered, and that an archive is generated even from the subtleness of life, like the texture of a paper lightly kissing upon one’s fingers or the scent of sweet buttercream dancing in the air.

So let’s create your unforgettable experience together that’s unique to you. Let’s talk Cakes and Cards.

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Grey’s love of paper and sweets dates back to her childhood in upstate New York, the beginning of an era of handmade cards and homemade cookies. Growing up, Jen and Grey were surrounded by classical music played by their renowned pianist mother, fresh flowers, baked goods, and art supplies brought back by their father from business trips. And it was this warm and bright environment that ultimately cultivated the brand decades later.

Grey’s continued passion for the arts deeply flourished which led her to graduating from New York University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts on a Merit Scholarship with a concentration in Printmaking and Digital Media. Grey has always explored various ways to bridge the gap between art and science, experimenting with art forms focusing on phenomenology, the study of consciousness as part of first-hand experiences. Only later she would realize, most of her experimental work included a common theme that would resurface years later: food.

Upon graduation, Grey worked in the e-commerce department at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and with numerous years of web design experience, Grey co-founded Duchess of Cameron with her older sister, Jen, specializing in high-end letterpress invitations after helping out a friend pick out wedding invitations and not being able to find one to their liking.

Carrying out multiple successful partnerships with companies like Martha Stewart and the Four Seasons Hotel, Grey couldn’t help but notice the intimacy and profoundness when it came to producing visual creations for clients for their special moments in life, like weddings and other milestone events. Her interest in bridging the gap between art and science was sparked again. While working by night, Grey went on to earning a Master of Science in Neuroscience and Education from Columbia University to further understand the inner workings of the artists’ mind and the effect art-making has on mental health.

Following the new shift in the company’s vision and flow with Jen leaving the company to pursue her career in painting, Grey felt "Cards" were missing an important counterpart. As a result, bespoke Cakes & Cards was born, a match made in heaven. Together with her visual arts expertise and formal training in Cake Techniques & Design, graduating with the prestigious Grand Diplôme with Distinction from the International Culinary Center (formerly the French Culinary Institute), Grey has since been creating sensational cakes that have been labeled as true works of art.

Grey has appeared on the Food Network, with her cakes appearing in Vanity Fair, House & Garden, and The World of Interiors.



by Grey

"I have always noticed the positive aspects cake decorating has on mental health, promoting creativity and insight in everyday life. During my neuroscience training, I had the chance to work with psychiatric inpatients by co-facilitating art therapy sessions and I realized how producing something — whether it be art or cakes — was incredibly empowering for the patients. Taking it even a step further and allowing the patients to share their creations with others and letting others enjoy them was priceless.

Pursuing cakes was driven by my personal desire to create edible art and for the satisfaction of others, but also driven by my desire for others to be able to feel what I felt. Besides creating something beautiful that also tastes wonderful, I am on a mission to instill confidence and establish a sense of agency and accomplishment to those who are knowingly or unknowingly seeking them, via cake-making and decorating. Maybe even call it Cake Therapy, if you will. I believe the experience of creating an art form that can physically be shared with others which literally becomes a part of them and their body is one of the unique characteristics that makes cake decorating a powerful tool — both for the creator and for the recipient.

My goal as a cake artist is not only to share with you beautiful and delicious cakes, but also to create a program that can one day use cake decorating as a therapeutical measure. Whether it be by eating cake or making cake, with one cake at a time, I believe we can overcome obstacles together — big or small — because cake makes everything better." 
- Grey

Grey, the Duchess of Cameron, and the NY Cake Design Lab are members of the Birch Cove Collective, where they provide their clients with unique masterclass experiences to help participants strengthen their creative muscles to unleash creativity and flow. Birch Cove’s mission is to incubate thoughtfulness to create bright connections, growth opportunities, and help individuals and businesses flourish.

If you are a nonprofit organization interested in bringing Cake as Therapy to your program, please contact us.



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